And We Begin...

Being the first post I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am Amy, and I have kids, grandkids, dogs, and one giant kid (my husband) :)  I work in private security and have now for many years.  I started the site initially to show things I have made with links to my Etsy shop.  I go back and forth with this as I get busy with life.

So I make shirts and mugs. I crochet just about anything.  I recently made a Baby Yoda for my grand-daughter, a doll with a pet hermit crab for my other grand-daughter, and a horse for my oldest grand-daughter. (Will put pics at the bottom)  Their birthdays are literally March, April, and May so in June I get to relax a bit,  I also like to try to experience new activities and love to learn new things.

My great-grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 5 years old.  I remember making long chains and calling it a scarf.  I didn't crochet for a long time after that.  One day I decided I was going to do it again and I got some hooks and some yarn and started going to town.  I have been a crocheting mad man so to speak ever since.  I learned new techniques from watching YouTube, learned new patterns and have even now started to come up with my own patterns. 

Not everything is all crochet tho... (although plenty is) One of my first blog topics is going to be about fishing.  I want to be able to write about different things I experience and hopefully give some helpful hints to others who may have had the same questions I did.  AND.... Hopefully be somewhat entertaining.  

I am constantly making the people I work with laugh and roll their eyes at me.  I am going whale watching soon and one of the girls I work with asked if I was excited about that and I told her yes, and if I randomly don't show up to work on Monday it is because I saw a shark and jumped in to play with it.  For the record shark diving is at the top of my bucked list so I would be completely overjoyed to see one in the wild.  I really need to take advantage of where I live more.  Its funny, living near the ocean really makes you take it for granted.  We don't go out to the beach too often, but we live so close.  

Anyway.... Totally on a tangent there.   If you have read this far YEAH!!! I didn't lose you.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.  I love talking to people. 

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